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Reclaim Your Body Summit

Reclaim Your Body Summit-hostDon’t miss Reclaim Your Body Summit Encore Weekend! Free and online from Saturday May 18, to Sunday May 19, 2019.

Wonder why 95% of dieters gain their weight back?  The answers may surprise you.

The truth is, we’re being set up to fail. Sugar is in almost every packaged product, and it’s 8 times more addictive than cocaine.

To lose weight and keep it off, you MUST have the right motivation; do it for you, not for a partner, event or season. Permanent weight loss comes from doing your “inner” work, addressing the wounds, trauma and emotional triggers that keep you eating in ways that make you fat.

Above all, it’s time to stop yo-yo dieting, discover your answers and create healthy habits that work for your body at Reclaim Your Body Summit!

—>>Learn how to reclaim control when you attend this free, online event!


Reclaim Your Body Summit-meditatingYou’ll learn from others who’ve been overweight and learned how to transform their lives. For example, our experts bring practical wisdom and powerful tactics for healing, losing weight, keeping it off and feeling good in your body.

Your host, Mordechai, found himself 130 pounds overweight. He didn’t recognize himself in the mirror. A successful entrepreneur, but still felt ashamed and disappointed. He made a decision to do his “inner” work, which helped him lose the excess weight and keep it off.

He’s here to share what he learned from his journey to support you in reclaiming your bodily wisdom… once and for all!

Join us for Reclaim Your Body Summit, if you:
– Have been on diets and can’t keep the weight off
– Are confused by diet choices and conflicting nutrition advice
– Think eating healthy is too much work or can’t taste good
– Have a secret fear that you’re “not good enough”
– Feel ready for the support you need to change your habits
– Experience anxiety every time you try to button your pants

RYBS_banner_EncoreAbove all, you’re not alone. In addition, there are answers. We can heal together, reclaim energy, lose weight, and regain focus to be the amazing humans we’re meant to be.

—>>Join me at Reclaim Your Body Summit Encore Weekend, online and free from May 18 -19, 2019!

Don’t miss out on Mordechai’s powerful eGuide, 7 Simple Practices that Helped Me Find Peace and Lose 135 lbs for Good. I hope you take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to learn for free!



P.S. It’s time to stop yo-yo dieting, discover your answers and create healthy habits that work for your body at Reclaim Your Body Summit! Register for free now!

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