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thyroid-reset-summit Why is there an explosion of thyroid cases?

A combination of gut infections, autoimmunity, dysbiosis, food allergens, nutritional deficiencies, adrenal dysfunction, toxicity from chemicals and heavy metals continue to cause an explosion of thyroid cases.  You must attend The Thyroid Reset Summit free and online from Monday March 4 to Sunday March 10, 2019.

And, conventional medicine STILL isn’t getting it right, most often giving the quick, easy and “convenient” diagnosis: it’s all in your head, but your tests are normal, it’s the natural result of aging…

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, or are experiencing difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness and lack of focus; fatigue and sleeping challenges; unexplained weight changes; sensitivity to temperature; gastrointestinal symptoms; depression, anxiety and other mood disorders; hair, skin, nail and eye problems; menstrual irregularities and/or fertility issues…

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thyroid-reset-girl Dr. Justin Marchegiani works with patients from all over the world who are challenged by underlying thyroid issues. Most importantly, he created The Thyroid Reset Summit to teach you to examine your health from all angles.  Not the obvious convenient ones, but to find answers to continue your healing journey.

Therefore, dealing with the thyroid is NOT easy. In other words, in medicine, it’s very common to specialize and only focus on one area of the body. So you have a gastroenterologist who only looks at gastrointestinal problems, a hepatologist who only looks at liver problems, an endocrinologist who only looks at hormonal issues…

In addition, the problem is that all systems are connected, sort of like a spider web, requiring a background in all the above areas. Finally,the goal is to look at the body holistically and support systems that are not functioning optimally.

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Thyroid Health!

(You’ll learn about these and so much more at The Thyroid Reset Summit!)

1. Improve diet and quality of food consumed. Eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) consisting of processed, toxic, nutrient-poor foods will increase your levels of systemic inflammation and also make it virtually impossible to improve your thyroid function.

2. Eating high-quality whole foods primarily consisting of meat and carbohydrate (from non-starchy and starchy sources) every 3-5 hours is important for stabilizing blood sugar. Blood sugar imbalances can be a major stressor on the adrenal glands. Finally, skipping meals and snacking can lead to adrenal fatigue and thyroid dysfunction.

thyroid-reset-speakers3. Find a functional medicine doctor or nutritionist who has experience running lab tests, assisting with diet/lifestyle changes and who can put together a supplement program to help improve your thyroid function.

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P.S. Still the MOST common and MOST misdiagnosed autoimmune issues, thyroid conditions continue to impact tens of millions worldwide — register today to learn more!

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2 thoughts on “Thyroid Reset Summit”

  1. Interesting site, Jimmy. Yes, I did find it as you can see. Diet is so very important. Breaking away from the Standard American Diet is essential. Sugar and starchy carbs are not your friends at all. When I was training over 30 years ago, we were taught that blood sugar issues were always protein related. This can be a double-edged sword. There are two questions here. 1) Are you getting enough protein? Vegans have usually got it sussed but vegetarians have not. 2) Are you breaking down the protein? This is a digestive issue. In my view, all Diabetics should be taking “Digestive Enzymes”. Dr. Alister

    1. Hello Dr. Alister,

      I agree with you the SAD diet is indeed sad. You are one of the few doctors that actually recognizes the SAD fact.
      Sugar and processed foods are destroyers of the body and contribute to our metabolic issues.
      In answer to your questions: 1) Are you getting enough proteins? Yes I consume on a daily basis 4 eggs poached, scrambled, boiled or fried and chicken or fish. I am not a vegetarian, although I consume my share of veggies.
      2) Are you breaking down the protein? Yes I am in good health, walk for an hour everyday, do not have any inflammation, keep my blood sugar normalized and I am regular in my bodily functions.

      The key is being regular, if you are not regular then digestive enzymes may be an issue to some diabetics or anyone.

      On this same note, for the people that have digestive issues, what would you recommend?

      Appreciate you dropping by and commenting.



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