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OXO Coffee Maker Review For Low Carb Lifestyle

OXO-Coffee-Maker-Review-For-Low-Carb-LifestyleThere is an art and science to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. OXO has taken the magic to the next level to make a fresh delicious cup. The only thing you need to do is supply fresh organic  coffee beans, a grinder, and fresh water. Here is my OXO Coffee Maker Review For Low Carb Lifestyle.

I have owned the OXO ON Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker for 3 years. Yes, 3 years and it still runs like a champ. My friends and family have consumed well over 2 thousand cups, with me consuming the most. The OXO ON is perfect for a low carb lifestyle, and anyone that wants a perfect cup of coffee.

Unfortunately I have surpassed the 2-year manufacturers warranty and if it dies, oh well. I find as long as you maintain the coffee maker it should run like a well maintained car. Clean after every use and descale when needed, follow the instruction guide, simple.

Stylish Design

Looking at the design makes you think stylish high tech coffee machine used in the best coffee shops. Yet, the OXO ON Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker, is simple, easy to use and very easy to clean. I have owned many coffee makers from the 1 cup pour over to 12 cup makers. The OXO On is by far the best on par with a single cup pour over.

This machine makes 9 – 4.5 ounce cups of coffee with the push of a button. Whether you want 1 cup or 9, set the setting to 2 – 4 or 5 – 9. 7 minutes from start to finished brew and you can enjoy a cup or the whole pot. Note 2 – 4 cups takes less time and I have not used that setting in a long time.

Specification Features

– Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Certified for gold-standard home brewing
– Rainmaker™ shower head disperses water evenly over coffee grounds
– BetterBrew™ precision brewing controls temperature and brew cycles
– Water temperature is precisely heated and held at the perfect temperature for coffee (197.6-204.8F) throughout the entire brew cycle
– Fully programmable with automatic brew-start timer
– LED display shows brewing status, time and coffee freshness at a glance
– Double-wall stainless steel thermal carafe keeps coffee hot
– Cone-shaped brew basket maximizes flavor extraction, whether you’re making 2 or 9 cups
– Internal mixing tube blends coffee as it brews so your last sip is as delicious as your first
– Bisphenol A (BPA) free
– Dimensions 15″ x 8.3″ x 17.2″
– Weight 11.4 lbs
– Voltage 120 Volts AC 60Hz

Barista Brain

Microprocessor controls the BetterBrew, water temperature and allows fully programmable brew start timer.

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

SCA Certified Home Brewer Program The Science Behind Delicious Coffee

Made by coffee science experts and professionals. The program reviews coffee makers designed for in-home use and to determine if they meet the coffee quality requirements. With decades of industry knowledge and research by the Coffee Brewing Center. All SCA Certified Brewers have met these requirements, which are based on proper water temperature, brewing time, and ability to brew within the SCA Golden Cup recommendations.

Brewers that pass the test as described and conducted by the SCA, will join the prestigious short list of SCA Certified Brewers(1). To date there are 25 coffee makers that meet the stringent requirements.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an organic synthetic compound used in plastics and epoxy resins. Used as a structural component in plastic beverage bottles and as coating for metal surfaces like cans in food packaging. The effects of BPA on human health are controversial. BPA has been associated with a variety of medical problems. Clinical observational studies in humans show a positive link between BPA exposure, the measurement of urinary BPA levels, and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes (2).


– Programmable – push button and switch control
– Easy to clean and will not store water
– No pods

There are 1 cup coffee makers out on the market as you know. I will not mention names like Keurig, but any machine that has an internal water storage heater has the potential to store mold. The reason it stores mold is that it is very hard to clean, to clean it you must take it apart(3). Furthermore, we all know that pods cannot be recycled and contain BPA.


Height, the machine as you can see is a bit on the high side and will not sit underneath a low cabinet. In any event, do not make coffee under a cabinet, allow free counter space for brewing coffee.


Descaling process takes about 60 minutes but is straight forward. The Barista Brain tells you when it needs to be descaled, a red exclamation will magically pop on. When this happens you fill the reservoir with descaling fluid, turn the knob to the right until it turns bright red, and press the button.

Some common sense notes, do not overfill the tank and use the carafe to catch the descaled fluid. Lastly, run a couple of cycles of hot water through the machine before making a pot of coffee. The red exclamation will go away and you are good to go.

Simple, let’s start making some fresh delicious coffee.


Taken from the USA TODAY calculator comparing Starbucks to homemade coffee per cup. A cup of Starbucks coffee 16 ounce Grande is $2.10. For those of you that drink from Starbucks or similar coffee shops near you. Starbucks cost of drinking 2 a day works out to $126.00 per month. $1,512.00 per year.

Make at home 2 a day 16 ounces using Folgers or Maxwell House coffee, you spend $4.80 per month, or 58.40 a year. Home brew estimates are based on a 34 ounce can which is about $.08 per 16 ounce serving.

Let’s do a bit of math, 2 cups of Starbucks for 2 months is $252.00. Stop Starbucks for 50 days $210.00 and you can pick up the OXO ON Barista Brain 9 cup coffee maker and make coffee at home. Your savings will be huge.

Quick Note

The OXO ON Barista Brain 12 cup coffee maker has been discontinued and an 8 cup coffee maker will soon be available.


The OXO ON Barista Brain 9 cup coffee maker is simple, long-lasting, great looking, BPA free, SCA approved and programmable. Finally, I hope the OXO Coffee Maker Review For Low Carb Lifestyle was helpful for you. No matter what your lifestyle is low carb, keto or whatever pick one up.

Coffee contains antioxidants and you don’t have to worry about insulin resistance.  It consistently makes a delicious fresh pot of coffee each and every time it is used. So what do you think?

Do you want one? Get one here.

Recommended Accessories

Bretani Manual Coffee Grinder,      KitchenAid blade grinder,    Goldtone #4 BPA free, reusable cone filter,      Melitta #4 bamboo filters,     OXO Brew Descaler fluid.


1. SCA Certified Home Brewer Program https://sca.coffee/certified-home-brewer
2. Influence of Bisphenol A on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5086728/
3. https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-coffee-maker/#dont-get-a-keurig-why-we-dont-recommend-keurig-machines

Lastly, I thank you for dropping by and reading this post.  Please let me know your thoughts and comments.


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32 thoughts on “OXO Coffee Maker Review For Low Carb Lifestyle”

  1. Thanks for the detailed review of the OXO Coffee Maker, it seems like a wonderful machine that has staying power even with heavy use. It is helpful that you actually own and use the machine, as it adds trust and credibility to the review. I have seen some reviews that only repeat the specs and looks, and do not add that personal touch. 

    For those of us following a low-carb lifestyle, coffee is something that we count on day in and day out (I know I do for sure!). Having a machine that will produce a good tasting brew day-to-day is important. This one will do the job well and the price is also reasonable.

    I will definitely look at getting one of these to replace my machine which is getting ready to bite the dust. I see that the options are changing in regards to size (amounts of cups you can make) so I will have to select whichever is available when I buy. Good information and good review. 

    1. Hello Dave,

      The OXO ON is a great coffee maker, I have used and abused this machine and it keeps on running. I heard through the grapevine that OXO had some issues with the 12 cup machine and will soon be discontinued. Do not buy that one.

      The 7 cup coffee maker should be out very soon so if you are in the market for a cheaper version that is the one to go with.

      I am glad the information was helpful.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.


  2. I am happy that I came across this review being that I am in the market for buying a coffee maker. My sister has the Keurig K-cup machine, and though I like the variety of what can be made and that it can be used for only one cup, I do not like the internal water storage heater for the reason you mention and the whole BPA issue.

    This OXO coffee maker review is helping me decide. Though I do enjoy coffee I cannot drink more than two cups per day because it makes me too wired. This is why I was looking for a one-cup coffee maker. You mention that if someone wants 1 cup to set it for 2 to 4 cups. I assume this means that it cannot brew less than 2 cups?

    If yes, then that is not a major issue for me and being that it can brew up to 9 cups, will be of benefit when I have guests over for dinner parties. Your only disadvantage, the height, is not a problem for me, so I am really considering this coffee maker. Do they sell the coffee pot separately, just in case I want an extra pot?

    1. Hello Robert,

      I make a full pot every day and have 3 big cups from the pot. The pot/carafe is made up of 9 – 4.5 ounce cups, so one of my cups is 13.5 ounces, which is 3 – 4.5 ounce cups. I am sure the setting of 2 to 4 will work for you.

      The question of selling extra pots is a good question and I will check with OXO to see if they do.

      I will get back to you as soon as I hear from them.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments and questions.


  3. Thanks for revealing such a beauty, this coffee maker came at the perfect time as my old coffee maker was starting to leak around the holding tank, it has amazing quality and also a great price. I love the fact that it has a modern look of it, and the fact that it has one button to control it all, which makes it easier to use.  I would definitely recommend this to all coffee lovers like me.

    1. Hello Jeremiah,

      Timing is everything. This is the perfect machine for coffee lovers, I am glad that you will recommend the OXO On coffee maker.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.

  4. OXO Barista Brain certainly looks a high quality coffee maker. Knowing that it is renowned for its great standard is something remarkable. It just means that it’s truly one of the best brands you can find. What i like best among its features is the ability to brew coffee the same way as the first brew because of the internal mixing tubes. You see, this can be a problem with other coffee makers. For other brands, an indication that you need to change coffee beans somehow depends on the taste it gives. Sad but true.

    I love coffee. Coffee time for me and my husband is our everyday bond. OXO Barista Brain is very impressive that any coffee addict would love to have. Thanks for sharing detailed information about this product. 

    1. Hello Maureen,

      The   OXO ON definitely sets a standard that all of the coffee makers need to follow. I only use organic coffee beans and have never had issues with my coffee.

      Billions of people around the world drink coffee and I agree with you coffee drinkers are bonded.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.


  5. Thank for the great post!

    I just started the 20 net carbs per day diet and this is right up my alley.  I have a Krupps unit now but I’m thinking the OXO might be a better option.

    I’m impressed that yours is still running like a champ 3 years later.  I can’t say the same for my current unit.  I had to replace it recently.

    The feature set is impressive too.  I’ll be honest here.  I’ve never rescaled a coffee maker before but the process seems straightforward.

    I do have a semi-off-topic question…  Do you know of any low-carb hot cocoa solutions?

    Thank you again,


    1. Hello Scott

      I am glad you like the post.

      The process of descaling a coffee machine is a standard maintenance chore, for the OXO On it is so simple as a red exclamation mark will pop on and then you should run the descale process. Best thing to do is to order the descaler and have it on hand so you can run it.  It is not critical but the exclamation mark will stay on until you do.

      We are talking about chocolate here and you need to understand the difference in the beans, so it is a bit more complicated. The beans cacao and cocoa come from the same place, the end result has different effects on their nutrition values.

      I am not going to go to deep into this subject but I will say that the processing changes the beans from low carb cacao into high carb cocoa.

      The best way to consume the cacao beans is raw although it is bitter but is the healthiest way to eat. 

      As for a hot drink on low carb use the cacao and make it into a bullet hot drink by adding high fat cream 36%, butter, or mct oil.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.


  6. My wife is a coffee drinker. The timing is right as her coffee maker is starting to crap out.
    I showed her this and it looks like a great product.
    12 cups is more than enough since she’s the only one who drinks coffee.
    The cost is certainly reasonable too.
    I don’t see the height as a deterrent because we have plenty of space.
    It really does have a lot of great features too.
    Coffee makers have come a long way over the years. The timer is excellent and I like the overall design.
    What kind of warranty does it come with?

    1. Hello Rob,

      Timing is everything, the good thing about the OXO ON is the 2 year warranty and it runs like a well maintained car. Clean and descale and it will last a lot longer than the 2 year warranty.

      The 12 cup machine has been discontinued but the 9 cup coffee maker is available for sale.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.


  7. Hi

    Thanks a lot for this informative review about Oxo Coffee Maker. I can’t think any day without coffee. As I work all day, so most of the time I have relied on coffee. And you know, I am one of the lovers or this Oxo coffee maker, because the last couple of months I am using this machine without any problem. And one of the main reason I really love this machine is its automatic function and LED display which is very easy yo use . Cleaning and maintenance are very easy. I will definitely recommend this coffee maker.

    1. Hello Nazmun,

      I am glad you have an OXO ON and a coffee lover too.  Keep up the daily cleaning and regular descaling and it should last years after the warranty expires.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.


  8. Now I guess, Ive just hit the coffee gold mine now haven’t I? I’m a bit of a coffee addict myself and I think in the not too distant future, I will be the same as I am now. It’s just the nature of my work that has me to be awake for a longer periods of time. 

    But, MEH! I’ll just give this a try, it’ll save me a couple of bucks (*maybe a lot of bucks once i get to make my own*). Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Hello Sid,

      You and I both agree that the OXO ON is a great long lasting machine. I would try to have a machine at home and work but only if you can. 

      In reality you do save from the take out coffee.

      Appreciate your comments

      Thanks for dropping by.


  9. Hello Jimmy,

    Thank you for your review of the OXO Coffee Maker Review For Low Carb Lifestyle. I am a regular coffee drinker too. i have been searching for a coffee maker the last few days and here I am. Your post helps me to know all the details about OXO Coffee Maker and after reading your post i think i can buy this coffee maker without any concern.

    You have nicely mentioned about its stylish structure, advantages, disadvantages, cost and some information about how to use it and so on. You have also mentioned that you have been using this coffee maker for three years.

    I think it will work good. and meet my expectation, I will definitely share your review with my friends.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Monalisha,

      I like this coffee maker because it is simple and keeps making delicious coffee day in and day out.. I am glad a fellow coffee drinker can appreciate a good coffee maker.

      Thank you for dropping by and your comments.


  10. Dear Jimmy,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    I was doing some research online to find the best coffee maker, and I came across your helpful review. Sharing from your own experience adds more value to this review. You also provide helpful advice on cleaning and descaling.

    The math you did is an eye-opener. For sure having a coffee maker is the wise thing to do and it will save us a lot of money.

    The features, pros, and cons you shared and the video you embedded is very helpful in my decision making. I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed.

    You left no stone up-turned in explaining all the details. OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker is on my list.

    Much Succes!


    1. Hello Paul,

      I appreciate your kind words, the OXO ON has all of the features that you need in a coffee machine and if you take care of it, the coffee maker will last a long time.

      I am glad that the OXO ON is on your list.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.


  11. Until recently, I drank coffee religiously, daily. So much so that my daughter gave me a Keurig for Mother’s Day a few years ago.
    I love my Keurig but it is an absolute pain to keep clean. I have to keep it empty unless I plan to use it, then I have to disassemble all the pieces and run them through the dishwasher. I can’t put it all back together until it’s completely dry, with a fresh water filter.

    These days, when I make coffee I do it in my French press. The downside of this is it that doesn’t stay hot.
    The OXO pot looks like it could easily replace both of these items AND give me a nice hot cup of coffee without having to microwave it. Irradiated coffee leaves much to be desired, by the way.

    I am excited about this machine, and I will be dropping hints to hubby, as our anniversary is coming up.
    I like the silver and black combo, but I wonder if it comes in any other colors? It is easily portable? I am one of those people that likes to take my coffee with me when I travel. My French press packs well, but I am always afraid of leaving it behind. Could I take this with me and use it in a hotel room?

    Thanks for the review!

    Gwendolyn J

    1. Hello Gwendolyn,

      I can feel your pain cleaning the Keurig, taking it apart cleaning and drying the water. I like the french press but like you say you have to drink it right away.  

      The other good thing about the OXO ON is the carafe is double walled and has a one hour timer. I have had the carafe sit for 2 hours many a time and the coffee is still hot.

      Color selection, there is only the one silver and black and as for packing you may want to keep the original packing box and give it a try. I would not take it with me on a trip unless I was going to be there for a long time.

      I threw out the original packing 3 years ago  and cannot remember what it looks like.

      Finally, I hope your husband comes through on your Anniversary. Happy Anniversary.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.



  12. Wow 

    I’m glad I landed here , my mom drinks a lot of coffee lately we have an old type coffee maker but it stores water I will not mention brand but the mold and stale taste it gives off ,, she was just complaining about it yesterday , I have found an alternative now and it’s 2 years warranty , thanks for the video as well nothing could illustrate it better .

    Your site very informative my order is on the way, here is me another happy shopper .once I hv it I’ll be back here for review thanks thanks 

    1. Hello Elihlez,

      Your mother should get rid of the coffee machine if it has mold. Mold is toxic and will lead to other chronic diseases. The other issues concerning the one cup coffee makers is the pods cannot be recycled and contain BPA.

      The 2 year warranty cannot be beaten. I have exceeded by a year and counting.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.



  13. Over 2 thousand cups of coffee sound pretty much for such a simple design to produce and still be in good standing. What we use in our laboratory is a bit bulkier than this OXO which has caused me to raise my eyebrows……ours makes some irritating noise when you push the button. You can’t finish filling one cup without someone hearing its cry.

    I’m gonna recommend this to my Professor and with its design, I stand a chance to convince him. 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee is a good deal start a conversation with him. I like the style of the design. Thanks……

    1. Hello DerrAd,

      The OXO ON is like a Timex watch takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I had a Timex watch a long time ago and it was true. You don’t find too many products like that but I am pleasantly surprised at my OXO ON.

      Here is a bit of math, I run the coffee machine almost every day for 3 years make at least 1 full pot. Not counting company. 365 days per year times 3 years times 9 cups per pot equals 9855 – 4.5 ounce cups. What did I say over 2000, off by a bit.

      I think the secret is in the maintenance in descaling, and it will warn you with a red exclamation mark in which case you order the descaler. 

      As for your coffee machine and crying, better to hear that than to not hear anything at all. As long as it is still working.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comments.


  14. I’m not a really big coffee lover I just prefer tea. Doesn’t mean I don’t take coffee though, I do occasionally. But most of my friends and even family takes coffee and this OXO Coffee Maker is nothing like I’ve ever seen. Tall like you said and very sleek too. I don’t know if they’ll care about the price but a one push button coffee maker sounds fabulous to me. The fact that one doesn’t have to go through the warranty hassle is awesome, I mean, it lasts. Great stuff. 

    1. Hello Henderson,

      The OXO On is a perfect coffee maker even if you are a one cup coffee drinker. The pour over is great for one cup of coffee but when you have company and everyone wants a cup you have to have something that can put out multiple cups.

      I like the fact that it is easy to clean, BPA free, programmable and keeps on working. It will be a sad day when it stops working but I will buy another.

      Thanks for dropping by and your comment.


  15. Thanks very much. this is the exact coffee maker my dad uses. He says he liked it better than any other coffee maker he ever had. I don’t drink coffee. But pretty much everyone else I know drinks it. I only know a few other people who don’t drink coffee or caffeine. Thanks for this great review. You have a very nice and informative website. Can you write about the importance of getting a good nights sleep? Something tells me low sleep quality can increase things like diabetes. Is it true? 

    1. Hello Charles,

      Your dad has a good coffee maker I had mine for 3 plus years. It is on par with any pour over coffee makers on the market. I would suggest that you make sure for any coffee maker you are thinking of buying check for BPA and water storage. 

      You are asking me about getting a good night sleep, well in my last post titled “High Fasting Blood sugar on low carb” I write about some issues that cause blood glucose to go high on a low carb high fat diet. Sleep, stress and cortisol are all factors that add to diabetic issues.

      Also I have 3 books on sleep and 1 on cortisol on my  Recommended Books to Read page check it out here https://controlsfordiabetes.co

      Appreciate you dropping by and your comments.



  16. Very nice coffee maker! My entire family loves coffee, it seems like they can’t live without it. If they don’t have their cup of joe in the morning, their day is ruined. However, I’m not too fond of it because I do Intermittent Fasting and essentially skip my breakfast. However, while i’m fasted, and can drink black coffee without any sugar, due to the spike in my insulin, resulting in a broken fast.

    Can this bad boy make black coffee?

    And as a matter of fact, how do you make black coffee?


    1. Hello Jose,

      I am glad that you like the coffee maker as it has been a workhorse for me. Black coffee is everywhere and you can get that from just about every coffee maker on the market. Yes this bad boy does make black coffee.

      Read labels to make sure that the manufacturer has not added anything to it. Also any additional things that you add to your coffee like milk, half and half cream and sugar or sugar sweeteners will cause blood sugar and insulin to spike. 

       Milk has lactose in it and the higher the percent of fat (cream) the lower the content of lactose. So for example butter has .05 %, high fat cream 1 %, 18 % cream 3% and so on.  

      Fat like butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and high fat cream will not or should not cause your blood sugar or insulin to spike.  You might want to test the high fat cream as it is a milk by product and has protein in it, so potentially could cause a spike. 

      Although I drink 3 huge cups of coffee with the high fat cream a day during my fast until my lunch and have not had issues. Check it out with your glucometer and if you do not have one check out my review on the Contour next.  

      Appreciate the comment.



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