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Digital Dementia Summit 2019

digital-dementia-summit-2019 -hostThings you NEVER knew about digital dementia!

We’ve teamed up with Dr. Krista Burns for The Digital Dementia Summit 2019. It starts Monday, May 20, 2019 → register for free now!

Tens of thousands will learn from the expert wisdom so important to learning healthier habits with technology.

Because, the over stimulation of technology and a sedentary lifestyle are such problems that adolescents now show non-Alzheimer’s, dementia-like symptoms.

Alarming research shows that screens are shrinking our brains. Using one for just two hours per day can have an impact on brain function.

With children averaging 7 hours/day of screen use and checking their phone 85 times/day… they’re addicted.

“Digital dementia” is a viral epidemic destroying our children’s brains. If your child suffers from brain fog, poor concentration, is hunched over a device or spends more than two hours/day on their screens, then you must join me for Digital Dementia Summit.

Krista Burns wants to help you raise healthy, thriving children in the digital age. She has teamed up with the world’s most renowned brain and health experts to bring you cutting-edge information about preventing digital dementia in your family.

If you don’t help your child build a resilient brain now, in the future they can suffer from short-term memory loss, have difficulty concentrating and act out due to behavioral disorders.

Take Action

Digital-dimentia-summit-2019-logoStep #1 is to become self-aware and empowered through education. You can help your child. It’s not too late to get started. In fact, right now, 95% of children are not meeting the recommended guidelines for sleep, exercise and safe screen use. To illustrate, research already shows that increased screen time is associated with a drop in grade point average. In other words, as smartphones get smarter, our children’s brains are growing weaker.


As a result, this means your child is most likely being affected now.

At The Digital Dementia Summit, you’ll discover how to:
– Enhance your child’s brain for health and success
– Stay connected in a disconnected world
– Mandate safe screen tips and content quality standards
– Safeguard your children’s brain from over stimulation
– Implement diet and exercise hacks
– And more!

In fact, Digital Dementia is here, it’s real and we want to expose the truth. In addition, this free summit event will support you with solutions that work!

—>>Click here to save your seat for this free event now!

Speakers At The Digital Dementia Summit 2019

– Megan Rafuse, Strong Mental Health from a Young Age
– Heidi Hanna, PhD, 5 Steps to Recharge Your Brain
– Danielle Sax, Prevent Chronic Digital Stress
– Melissa Wolak, MS, Connection through Communication
– Ben Lerner, DC, Improving Emotional Intelligence of Children
– Keira L Barr, MD, Digital Dilemmas in Dermatology
– Blake Fleischacker & Dave Anderson, Preparing Your Child for a Smartphone
– Matt Gersper, My Philosophy for Mental Fitness
– Nicole Beurkens, PhD, Electronics-Behavior Connection for Kids
– David Bayer, Extraordinary Mindset

Digital-dimentia-summit-2019-encoreWhen you register now, you’ll also unlock these free gifts:
– Digital Dementia Prevention eGuide
– 7 Steps to Save Your Child’s Brain eChecklist
– The Most Powerful Vitamin to Kill Viruses eGuide

Above all, see you at this important learning event!

The Digital Dementia Summit Encore Weekend from Saturday, June 1 to Sunday, June 2, 2019. Just in case you miss the original week long event

Thanks, Jimmy.

P.S. Overconsumption of screen time can lead to a breakdown of cognitive abilities and deteriorated posture. Furthermore, developmental delays, degraded short-term memory, seclusion and lack of motivation.  Finally, see you at the Digital Dementia Summit when you register today!



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