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Kick Sugar Summit 2019

kss-2019-hostHello My  Friends,
I was at the checkout at the grocery store last night…
And I noticed how seemingly “normal” it has become that a specific toxic substance is accepted as part of our life and culture.
It’s literally everywhere, hiding every single day in plain sight.
And experts have stated that it is 8 times more addictive than the powerful drug cocaine.
What am I talking about?  You guessed it, Sugar!  The Kick Sugar Summit 2019 on from Monday June 10, to Saturday June 15, 2019

More specifically, I’m talking about refined and processed sugar that’s added to everything in almost every aisle in the grocery store, every dish in most restaurants, and every drink in the refrigerator…
(and many times it’s disguised with a label that says “healthy”).
Well, it’s finally time to expose this toxic substance for what it is, and reveal how it affects everything from our moods and energy, to our waist, our skin, and even our libido.
The 4th Annual Kick Sugar Summit-Keto and Metabolic Health Edition is happening right now.  Namely, doctors and world-famous health experts, explain why we should eat without sugar, processed carbs and junk food.

Sugar Is The Same As Sweet Poison

ks-summit-2019-Keto-Diet ConceptIn this powerful online series, you’ll discover:

– How to end nutritional confusion
– The dirty truth about artificial sweeteners
– How food marketers are tricking us
– The powerful connection between sugar and aging (you need to know this)
– Why sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine

Furthermore, you’ll discover

– What physically happens to your body when you consume sugar
– The connection between sugar, depression, and weight gain
– How 90% of participants of a type 2 diabetes medical study became non-diabetic within 6 months
– The biggest mistakes people make when trying to reduce or eliminate sugar and carbs from their diet
– And a whole lot more!

kss-summit-2019-speakersHence, this Summit is jam-packed with life-improving info that you can put into action right now.
And the good news is, you can access it instantly 🙂

==> Go check out all the amazing speakers here.
As a result, you’ll be blown away at the insights that are shared. Furthermore, don’t forget the encore weekend if you miss the original showing.

Thank you,


P.S. ==> Click here and get access right now.
Finally, I encourage you to also grab the lifetime access to the entire series and more than $600 in bonuses from the expert speakers while it’s still available.


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