Whether you are thinking of getting a vaccination for covid 19 or not, you need to have a backup plan that will neutralize covid 19. So how do you do this? The absolute best way is to use a nebulizer and covid 19 will go away.

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No f@#$ing way you say, but how can this be?  Well let me step you through the details. Now I cannot guarantee 100 % success rate but Dr. David Brownstein has been using this protocol for over 25 years on his patients.

During the past year or so during the covid 19 outbreak, he has treated around 230 patients with covid 19 or like symptoms. Not surprisingly, all of which were successfully treated using this method. One of the most knowledgeable and natural doctors Dr. Joseph Mercola who owns the most visited health website on the internet says:

There is absolutely no question in my mind that nebulized hydrogen peroxide is the safest and most effective way to treat an acute upper respiratory infection. It exceeds every intervention that I have ever encountered in my professional career. So I suggest you discuss this with your doctor if you have any questions, but I have 2 medical doctors that will attest to H2O2 nebulized .

You need to follow the directions step by step, but it is so simple that anyone can do it.  Please note that if you follow the method in this write up you take on the responsibility for your own health and I have no liability in what you do to yourself. Again, if you are not sure, have any questions then consult your doctor or health care professional, I take no responsibility.

Do you really want a Covid 19 vaccination?

With all of the controversy that the different Covid 19 vaccines are creating, do you think it will help?  We can all live with the minor side affects like sore arms for a day or week, head ache and fatigue. However when it comes to a debilitating injury, blood clotting or heaven forbid death, these are outcomes that we cannot accept.

AstraZeneca is really going through a tough time now with 3 deaths from blood clotting that doctors from Norway say are from the vaccine. Another report is that Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca mixed up 15 million doses and will have to throw them out. It goes on and on, for a collection of issues, you can check out the VAERS website, simply download the csv file and read the various reports.

There are currently 2000 plus deaths due to the Covid 19 vaccines in the US as of March 31, 2021. Surprisingly, FYI the drug manufacturers have a clause with the government to not allow anyone to sue for any damage(s) from any vaccine. In summary if you die from a vaccine your family cannot receive any kind of redress. Here are 18 reason why you should not get a covid 19 shot.

Immune System

Dr Brownstein and Dr Mercola both agree that in order to fight off any virus your immune system must be well supported. They suggest that you need to have sufficient levels of oral vitamin A, C, D and iodine in your body to fight off any bad viruses.  Eating enough fruits and vegetables will keep your vitamins up and immune system working.

Also keep a careful watch on your blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetes so you can keep your insulin resistance in check.  Moreover Dr. Brownstein mentions that table sugar paralyzes the white blood cells for up to 5 hours and compromises the immune system. So if your immune system is not up to par H2O2 is the way to go.

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 a miracle cure

H202 a miracle cure you say, well almost, and the good thing is it is natural with no side effects. There are some doctors that use hydrogen peroxide therapy intravenously and of course requires an office visit.

Nebulizer method

For those of you that don’t want to wait to see your doctor, no questions, no pricks and no needles. There’s another way of administering hydrogen peroxide therapy that’s just as effective as the IV. You can do this in the privacy of your home or anywhere you chose.

Surprisingly, at very little cost, almost free, even cheaper than the IV and doctor’s visit.

What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a transducer that changes a liquid (medication) to a mist/vapor so you can breath the mist into your lungs. There are dozens possibly hundreds of different Nebulizers and they come in 2 types, they are: home (tabletop) and portable models. Home nebulizers are usually larger, and you plug them into an AC electrical outlet.

Portable nebulizers usually smaller and run on a couple of AA batteries. I highly recommend you pickup the plugin AC version, so then no need to worry about batteries. Typically, you don’t need a prescription, therefore you can order them anywhere, a pharmacy, medical supply store or my links below.


  • Nebulizer compressor with AC plug
  • Face Mask to connect to Nebulizer
  • 5 cc Dropper
  • 1/4 teaspoon
  • 1 teaspoon
  • Distilled Water
  • Sea Salt
  • Clean pint glass with lid OR Mason jar 16 oz OR 1/2 liter jar (they are all the same or very close)

The Magic Formulation

Really it’s not the magic formulation, I will walk you through the process step by step. No matter how you look at it you will have to do some mixing but as I said before it is so easy. Pick up a face mask as opposed to a mouth piece because the virus  infection goes into your sinus and you want the vapor to go into your sinus.

You can use a 3% H202 off of the shelf in any pharmacy or grocery story according to Dr. Thomas Levy. He has a fantastic book called “Rapid Virus Recovery… No Need To Live in Fear!” Click on the link for a free download:

Or if you have the food grade 12 %  H202, see the method for a .1 % solution.

1. Fill a pint jar with pure clean water (distilled water) do not use tap water.
2a. Convert to normal saline add 1 level teaspoon or 4.5 grams of sea salt, into the water and dissolve by stirring, note this does not have to be sterile.
2b. Use the 0.9 % saline solution and add 1 level teaspoon and mix in the water.
3. Add Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) 12 %, put 3/4 of a teaspoon of H202 into the water solution. So you would take your 1/4 teaspoon and add 3 level scoops, count them out 1, 2 and 3, add and mix.
4. Now you have created a pint of 0.1 % H202 diluted in normal saline, this jar will last for 3 months.
If you have taken a WHIMIS course you will know to label the jar H202 nebulize solution. There is no stabilizer in the H2o2 and will degrade over time so put the jar in the fridge after use.

A Simple Table

To break down H2O2 from 3% to 1% is very simple, use 2 parts water to 1 part H2O2.  Also to break down 12% to 1% use 11 parts water to 1 part H2O2. Note 1 US tsp is not the same as 1 Imperial tsp, but can be used in the same proportion.
[table id=3 /]

Saline Solution

Note: For step 2 pick 2a or 2b. Do not mix the peroxide with straight distilled water, as this could potentially cause physiological damage. You need to have the salt mixed in the proper ratio. You can, however, make your saline using distilled water.

How to use the Nebulizer

How much do you nebulize at one time? 1/2 a teaspoon or 5 cc, fill the canister in the container. How long should you use the nebulizer per session? Until the volume of H2O2 in the nebulizer canister is gone.

You should nebulize every waking hour if you are not well and then when you feel better 4 to 6 times per day. Do not use prophylactically unless you are exposed to someone that has it or you do not feel well. This method will really help you out if you have any co-morbidities or diabetes.

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Any grade of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) off the Shelf will work fine.

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Dr. Mercola says this is such an important intervention that each and every family should have one available before you need it. Therefore you must be prepared. Pick up the supplies before you get covid 19 and at your earliest convenience.

I hope this post nebulizer and covid 19 helped? Are you going to use this method?

Lastly, I appreciate all comments and concerns. Thank you for reading and your patronage.


Nebulized Peroxide- Interview with Dr. David Brownstein

Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide – Interview with Dr. Thomas Levy

Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide

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16 thoughts on “Nebulizer and Covid 19”

  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Thank your for this article. It gives me extra knowledge in preventing Covid 19 virus attacking my family members. The death number in USA due to Covid 19 vaccines is very alarming. In Singapore, we do not have any number reported so far and I wish it will not have any. God bless!

    I am concerned about the side effects years after our injection. Most citizen in every country has no choice but to follow their government directive to go for Covid 19 vaccination. We seem not having a choice. Hope more vocal people from the medical field raise their concern louder. 

    Regarding the saline solution, you pointed out that peroxide should not mix directly with the distilled water as it may causes physiological damage. Could you advise me, what are the damages likely to happen.  I am very concern and would like to be careful in handling it during my mixing process.

    1. Hello Thomas,

      I think we both have our concerns for the covid19 shot. The risks far outweigh the benefits, as each day goes by there are more injuries and deaths due to the shot. Pick up a nebulizer as soon as you can and then you will not have to worry.

      You need to have a saline solution to match the bodies saline content. Otherwise, inhaling the food grade H2O2 through the nebulizer without saline you will damage your lungs and throat.  

      Take a clean 1/2 liter glass container with a lid and clean water, if you use tap water you should boil it for 20 minutes or so. Best thing is to buy some distilled water and mix pure clean salt into the water. Measure 1 teaspoon of salt and mix into the water, this will create a saline solution.  Take the H2O2 and mix  3 x 1/4 teaspoons into the saline solution. 

      You now have the H2O2 solution at 0.1% ready to be nebulized. You can change the mixture for the amount of water that you use, it does not have to be 1/2 liter. Whatever container you use, have the proper mixture.

      I thank you for your comments.


  2. Hi, thank you very much for dealing with this topic. I am concerned about the COVID-19 vaccine. There is so much said about it (and mostly negative). On the other hand, I feel we all need to be prepared. And I would like to have an Ausilium Oxygen Therapy Mask at home. It’s better to have it and not to need it than to need it and not have it.

    1. Hello Ann,

      I absolutely agree with you, better to have it on hand.  Once you catch covid 19 and you will know by the symptoms you will want to start the nebulizer treatment as soon as you can. Dr Mercola does not recommend doing the treatment if you are OK, but once you have any signs then start immediately.

      I thank you for your comments.


  3. Thank Jimmy for this article, i am intrigued to find out there is another safe way of fighting against the covid virus and it is proven by professional health expert. In fact, we are not sure what is the long term effect of the vaccine towards human health. If by using nebulizer method will kill the virus, i think a lot of people may go for this method instead of the vaccine which has come with so much of uncertainties.  This article is really worth sharing. 

    1. Hello Jessie,

      There are many doctors that are using the H2O2 protocol intravenously and nebulizing you need to find them. The best way for us non medical people, is to use a nebulizer and you can do it in the privacy of your home. The long term effects of the covid vaccine is an experimental mistake and there will be more serious injuries in the future. As we speak the death count is over 2200 in the US from the covid vaccines.

      I suggest you research the data on the covid vaccine before you get one. 

      Thanks for reading and your comments.


  4. Thank you for sharing this important information. I have a long history of chronic sinus infections prior to 3 years of taking allergy shots. Since that time, my infections have been less frequent and shorter duration. I can see that this could be a good way to treat sinus infections and hopefully avoid the use of antibiotics to treat it. Using a nebulizer to introduce H2O2 into the sinuses to prevent COVID infection after being exposed to the virus sounds like a much safer and more effective way to prevent and treat the illness than the untested vaccines that big pharma and the government are pushing so hard for people to get. In my opinion, the fact that there are no side effects to this procedure is a tremendous advantage over the vaccine, that has already caused deaths and debilitating side effects. I am familiar with and respect Dr. Mercola, and hope his expertise will be utilized to promote this potentially life saving procedure.

    1. Hello Carol,
      I agree with you that the covid 19 vaccine, which is really an experimental mRNA chemotherapy cancer treatment should not be used. The vaccine should be called for what it is, an experimental gamble on millions perhaps billions in the end. We need to get the message out that people can help themselves by getting a nebulizer and building up their immune system. Having to deal with the overblown covid situation, government and Big Pharma is making the outcome very scary.
      I really appreciate your thoughts and thank you for your comments.

  5. Greetings, I read your article on nebulizer and covid19. This pandemic came like thunder and caused so much pain to many families around the whole world. But we thank professional doctors who are always willing to save lives like Dr. David and Joseph. I must agree with you that even though we have a vaccine for covid19, we still need a backup plan that will neutralize covid19. This can make our lives much easier and we will accept that covid19 does exist and take good care of ourselves. I find this post very educative and thanks to you for sharing it with us, I will be sharing it further too.

    1. Hello,

      Even though you get the vaccine there is no guarantee that you will not get covid 19. The nebulizer protocol with H2O2 will kill the virus and stop it in its tracks. If you are keeping your body and immune system in good shape this will also help you. 

      I thank you for your comments.


  6. I think we’ve all had enough of Covid 10.
    This really takes too long.
    I like your product description.
    You described everything in detail and how it is used.
    You really intrigued me to study the Nebulizer method a little better.
    It is possible that it really helps and is worth using.Thanks for such a good review.

    1. Hello Denis,

      Covid 19 is a huge joke along with the unnecessary vaccination. I am glad you liked the product description and hope you do use the nebulizer protocol. To neutralize covid 19 and any other influenza this is your best bet.

      I thank you for your comments.


  7. Such a fascinating article. I actually had no idea the hydrogen peroxide could be used that way. Loved the quote by Mercola. He’s definitely an authority; I actually was not aware his website is one of the most visited in that space. I mean, I probably could have guessed it but it certainly adds to that notion even more. Also, I actually did not know that vitamin A and Iodine are important in fighting viruses. That’s a really cool thing to learn.

    Other than that, I genuinely appreciate the product suggestions. It made it really easy to choose. Thank you!!

    1. Hello Matiss,

      Make sure you pick up the food grade hydrogen peroxide and mix it with the saline solution. The hydrogen peroxide is so natural that it will eventually break down into water. If you do happen to mix up to much H202 it will be very irritable on the throat. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so I do not worry too much about the vitamins.

      I thank you for comments.


  8. I was not expecting what I just read…at all. It makes me outraged to know that there has been so many deaths due to the vaccine and nobody is talking about it. The only thing you hear is how you NEED to get vaccinated, but no one talks about serious side effects beside headaches and soreness. Being a type 1 diabetic it truly scares me to know that I run a high risk both at getting the covid and picking up any side effects due to the vaccine. You mentioned people with type 2 diabetes, but is this as effective on people with type 1 diabetes?

    1. Hello Stephanie.

      Dr. Mercola says this protocol will work on any respiratory virus which includes the flu and covid 19. Make sure the hydrogen peroxide you use is food grade 12% and of course mixed in the saline solution. Pick up a nebulizer with all of the supplies at your earliest convenience.

      I am not an anti-vaxxer but the statistics as far as I am concerned are not very good in favor of getting a vaccine. High blood sugar no matter which type of diabetes you have is definitely a problem and adds to the risk of a severe case of covid 19. Keep you vitamin levels up and keep your blood sugar in control will lower your insulin resistance and should get you through covid 19, if you happen to catch it.  

      Thanks for your comments.


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