Fasting Lifestyle Summit 2020

fasting_lifestyle_summit_2020_hostsDon’t miss The Fasting Lifestyle Summit on from Monday January 27 – Sunday February 2, 2020. Learn the healthy facets of fasting — because it’s not just about skipping meals! Join me to put together a plan that optimizes your digestive function, helps you maintain discipline and can improve heart, brain, blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugar functions!

Did I say it is absolutely free, you just have to register, the Fasting Lifestyle Summit 2020.

—>>Learn all you need to know about fasting when you attend this free, online event!

Should you seek better health by fasting? Although it’s a popular topic these days, the practice (and lifestyle) has been around for centuries. This free, online health event will help you learn that it isn’t just about skipping meals, but training your body to stick to an optimized rhythm — without the actual starvation!

Fasting absolutely works, I know I have been doing it for 3 plus years, check out my Intermittent Fasting page.


The goal is to turn you into a fat-burning machine and, meanwhile, help in a whole group of other health areas and conditions.

Smartly incorporating a fasting lifestyle could help with:

  •  Weight loss
  •  Lower cholesterol
  •  Reduced inflammation
  •  Reduced insulin resistance
  •  Lower blood pressure
  • Improved brain functions
  • Better heart health
  • Protection from cancer
  • Living longer
  • Improved sleep
  • And more!

Exclusive Transcripts From Drs. Jockers, Manoogian & Fung

Fasting_Lifestyle_Summit_2020_ girl_fastingGrab these interview transcripts from HealthMeans’ Fasting Lifestyle Summit, and gain insights from Dr. David Jockers, Dr. Emily Manoogian and Dr. Jason Fung!

—>>Click here to download your free transcripts about fasting from Drs. Jockers, Manoogian and Fung!

Over the course of recording the interviews for The Fasting Lifestyle Summit, Sam and Mitch Asser uncovered a number of incredible health tips and tactics from more than 35 experts — researchers, practitioners and doctors — on the front lines of improved health and happiness.

These full-length interview transcripts are chock full of those pearls of health wisdom.

Here are quotes from Dr. David Jockers, Dr. Emily Manoogian and Dr. Jason Fung:

Dr. David Jockers

“The ketogenic diet works well with fasting because we get keto adapted, where our body gets more used to burning these ketones. So then when we fast, it’s not as uncomfortable, and it becomes easier. We don’t have quite as many hunger or cravings. You get to that sweet spot of fasting where we just feel awesome. We get the benefits of it without as much discomfort.”

Dr. Emily Manoogian

“Time-restricted feeding is really a daily lifestyle change where you’re getting a 12- to 16-hour fast on a daily basis. This is not starving yourself or feeling overly hungry. Your body will get used to it and you will adapt. It’s like brushing your teeth every day, something you should always keep up.”

Fasting_Lifestyle_Summit_2020_speakersDr. Jason Fung

“Literally billions of people throughout all of human history have been instructed to fast. And it’s not been in this negative way. It’s been this cleansing, this detoxification, this healthy practice of getting rid of all of the excess sugar in your body.”

As you can see, these transcripts are full of worthwhile perspectives and tricks of the trade, so I hope you’ll take a moment to download them today

However, an effective fast includes a set of rules that “work” for you, as well as discipline amid your social events and relationships to make healthy choices — especially in regard to any specific health condition you’re trying to resolve or improve.

Sam and Mitch Asser, your hosts, are here to help you learn the essentials of a good lifestyle. This includes good nutrition: eating whole, non-processed foods, exercising regularly, staying on schedule and then… considering a fast as part of your routine.

Check it out to learn more!

—>>See you online at this Fasting Lifestyle Summit when you register today!



P.S. When you register for The Fasting Lifestyle Summit, you’ll also gain access to the Kitchen Talk recipe book — simple, easy, plant-based and nutritious recipe

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